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About Us

Caleb's Cause was created in 2012 with one goal in mind: empower Oklahomans to impact the lives of local children in need.

Celebrating 11 years!

Our Story


In 2012 I received divine direction on a way to get my son, Caleb involved in serving our local community. Knowing that there were so many children in our state with needs that weren't being met, I decided it was our turn to take action.

There seemed to be limited opportunities for children to serve other children in our community. I discovered that lack of diapers is one of the leading causes in child abuse.


There are currently no state programs that cover the cost of diapers, a necessity for all children. I knew that this matter could no longer go ignored. Through prayer and guidance, Caleb's Cause Foundation was created; to allow children to serve and be served.

Since then, Caleb and hundreds of other children across Oklahoma have been able to help out thousands of local children in need by participating in our annual fundraisers, as well as diaper drives they have held themselves.

Our goal is to empower all Oklahomans to gather diapers to give to families in their own communities through partnerships with nonprofits, ministries, and food pantries. We dream of a day where there are fresh diapers available for children in every community in Oklahoma.


Marcie Hines
Founder, Caleb’s Cause Foundation

Luke 1:37

Meet Caleb

Community Ambassador 

⁣⁣It’s no surprise that Caleb’s Cause wouldn’t be where it is today without the dedication of Caleb Hines! ⁣At just 5 years old, Caleb has been serving Oklahoma communities with passion and purpose! ⁣Over the years, Caleb has led fundraising events, empowered children across the state, and collected over 1 MILLION diapers for children in need! ⁣ We know that with the dedication of Caleb, there are big things in store for Caleb’s Cause Foundation! ⁣

Meet Marcie


Way back in 2012, Marcie discovered a way to get her son Caleb involved in the local community. She knew there were SO many children in Oklahoma with needs that weren’t being met. ⁣After discovering that a lack of diapers was one of the leading causes of child abuse in Oklahoma, Caleb’s Cause Foundation was born! Now, Caleb’s Cause and hundreds of selfless volunteers have served over 50,000 local children in need. ⁣Marcie has loved watching her son Caleb’s passion for service grow over the years. She’s SO excited to continue to support local non-profits develop their own programs to serve children in their areas! ⁣⁣

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