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Together we are eliminating child abuse in Oklahoma caused by a lack of clean diapers. You can help by hosting a diaper drive, starting an outreach program, or donating.  


Of Oklahoma Kids Live In Poverty


State Programs Assist With Diapers


Children & Families Served Since 2012


Mission To End Child Abuse In Oklahoma

Caleb's Cause was created in 2012 with one goal in mind: empower Oklahomans to impact the lives of local children in need.

Over a decade later, The Caleb’s Cause Foundation has gathered over 1 million diapers and served over 50 thousand local kids in need! ⁣
As we've grown, we've realized one thing: WE NEED YOUR HELP! 

We're so excited to now provide resources that allow any Oklahoman to create their own diaper drives or diaper programs in their communities! ⁣

Our Mission

Why Diapers?

You may be wondering “Why diapers? Why not collect food donations? Why not focus on baby clothes?” These are great questions! Here's why we are dedicated to providing diapers:

Zero State Programs

There are no state programs that cover the cost or provide diapers to families. While there are programs that provide food, utility payments, and even clothes, there are ZERO programs in Oklahoma that assist with diapers for infants and toddlers.

Leading Cause Of Child Abuse

A leading cause of child abuse complaints received in Oklahoma is a direct result of a lack of fresh, clean diapers. Infants and toddlers need multiple diapers each day to avoid diaper rash, infection, and pain. But sadly, when you can’t afford a fresh, clean diaper you have little choice.

20% Live In Poverty

1 in every 5 kids in Oklahoma lives in poverty. Often parents are forced to choose between paying utility bill or buying diapers. We never want a family to have to face this heartbreaking decision. With your help, we can be apart of the change we need in Oklahoma.

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How Can You Help?

Host Your Own Diaper Drive, Apply For A Grant, or Donate!

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