‘Tis the season for diapers

There are holiday parties. And then, there are holiday parties—with diapers. These are much more satisfying. Why? Here are three reasons to make your holiday party a major diaper bash so you can collect for charities that help babies and families.

1. The Warm Glow of Giving

It’s a basic human truth: it is better to give than to receive.

Did you know that on average it costs approximately $120 per month (or $1,440 per year) to keep a baby in diapers? That’s going through 8–10 diapers per day—and one-third of families struggle to pay for it. (Every Little Bottom Study, Huggies®, 2010)

The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy the warmth of giving and put the needs of others ahead of our own. Whether you’re hosting your own gathering or helping to organize a corporate party, asking for diaper donations could make it a special event that will make everyone feel good.

2. You’re Putting More Smiles on More Babies

When families have to choose between diapers and food, the choice is clear. As a result, babies in those families wear dirty diapers longer.

And sometimes, out of necessity, dirty diapers are cleaned out and re-used.

This can lead to more irritation, rash, and discomfort. Donating diapers during the holidays—and beyond—keeps babies healthier and happier.

3. Strengthen the Family, Strengthen the Society

Babies aren’t the only ones who will be smiling—moms and dads will, too. Diapering bonds the parent to the child emotionally.

Further studies reveal that mothers who regularly change their child’s diapers are more likely to improve themselves through education—either enrolling in GED courses, parenting classes, or both. (Every Little Bottom Study, Huggies®, 2010).

The DC Diaper Bank created an amazing infographic that powerfully conveys the need—and the power—of donating diapers. Check it out here.

Plan to Party

The holidays are the perfect time to get together with family, friends, and coworkers. Make your party a diaper party!

If you live in or near Oklahoma, Caleb’s Cause can help you organize it. Click here to learn how to host a party in support of Caleb's Cause.

And there's a great printable invitation here if you’d just like to invite people to bring diapers to donate to your party.