Martin Park Nature Center

The Martin Park Nature Center is more than just your average park. It is also a place where Oklahomans have the opportunity to explore and learn about nature and wildlife. Sitting on 144 acres, it contains 2.5 miles of walking trails.

This is a great place to visit for exercising or even just observing the nature around you. If visitors want to explore the park on their own during park hours there are trail maps and signs pointing you in the right direction.

The park holds many different amenities and attractions that appeal to visitors of all ages. The younger ones may visit the playground or be a part of nature story time, for ages 3-7. For the slightly older kids, ages 9-13, there is an opportunity to be a part of a nature appreciation program called the Green Earth Gang. Teenagers from 13-18 years old can join the Green Earth Rangers. Each group’s focus and duties are tailored towards the specific age group and cover topics such as park maintenance, conservation, and park wildlife.

Martin Park Nature Center offers many different nature education programs throughout the year discussing various topics such as animal habitats and behavior, hiking practices, and edible plants. The education center displays a variety of insect and reptile species and a nature education library. A unique aspect about the education center is that it holds the city’s first observation beehive, which has over 8,000 active bees.

There are many volunteer opportunities available through this organization. Volunteer guides or education leaders are needed to help with nature programming and group hikes. You can also volunteer based on your personal interests. If you happen to be an avid birdwatcher you can lead a group hike or discussion on this topic. If you are more interested in trees, lead a group hike or journey through the Martin Park Woods.

Group volunteer projects are also available throughout the year. These are ideal for groups such as schools, scout groups, or any other community teams. Activities can range from basic park maintenance to more specialized projects. These projects can be geared towards specific groups such as eagle scouts, girls scouts, adventure scouts, or 4-H clubs. To learn more about volunteering with Martin Park Nature Center call the park naturalist at 405-297-1429 or visit their web page.